Mercedes-Benz may offer V8-powered X-Class

Mercedes-Benz is ready to drop a V8 petrol engine into the X-Class ute, if customers demand it.

Speaking to our friends at Drive, head of X-Class engineering, Frank Schumacher said the company isn’t prepared to upgrade its diesel V6 to beat its closest rival, the Volkswagen Amarok, but will take the route of a V8 – if customers want it.

“Yeah, there is always more [power to be made from the V6 diesel] but that’s if the requirements come from a marketing point of view. If customers want more power with other platforms, we react to customers’ wishes. If there will be wishes after the launch of the vehicle that says we need to have V8, then probably we will put in a V8, but that’s always a response on customer request,” said Schumacher.

However, it seems those hoping for an AMG version will be disappointed, as Schumacher was said to be ‘slightly dismissive’ of using the sub-brand’s widely used 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 which produces 436kW and 850Nm in AMG 63 guise.

A detuned version of the powertrain, such as the one in the G 500 producing 315kW and 610Nm, is still an option though.

“We surely can make it happen, it’s just a question of what V8 you want to put in. you can put the 6.0-litre in, yeah, but so far there is no plan,” he explained.

Schumacher added that if the project does take off, the V8 will likely be installed into a larger pick-up truck – think RAM 1500 or Ford F150.

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