Kia previews next cee’d with shooting brake concept

Kia has given us an early preview of the next-generation Kia cee’d with this sexy and as-yet, unnamed concept which is due to bow in at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 12.

Designed by the company’s European design centre in Frankfurt which is just 500m away from where it will be unveiled, the concept also heralds a new body type for Kia.

Described as an “extended hot hatch”, the concept is slightly longer than the regular hatchback, as well as slightly shorter than a wagon, and is said to combine “striking visual presence with a dash of real-world versatility”.

Not much else is known about the car but from the teaser image, the concept has hints of the Panamera Sports Turismo with its shooting brake rear end, raked roof and rear light strip.

The Kia cee’d is currently a Europe only model although the company imported the sportier pro_cee’d GT briefly into Australia a few years ago. It was pulled from sales due to slow demand.

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