Jaguar F-Type gains all-wheel drive and manual transmission


Jaguar has added all-wheel-drive (AWD) and six-speed manual transmission options to its all-aluminium sports car, the F-Type.

The enhancements broaden the 2015 F-Type range to 12 models, from the new 250kW Coupé and Convertible with the supercharged V6 driving the rear wheels through a manual gearbox, to the 404kW F-Type R Coupé and Convertible with the supercharged V8, AWD and eight-speed Quickshift transmission.

Transmitting the V8’s 680Nm to the road though all four wheels helps the F-Type R models to accelerate from zero to 100kph in just 4.1 seconds, en route to a top speed of 300kph.

“With the manual transmission option for the V6 F-Type’s, we’ve gone to intricate lengths to engineer a very precise, technical and responsive level of interaction between the driver, the clutch and the transmission shift mechanism. It’s one for the driving purists – and I count myself as one of them”, said Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director at Jaguar.


The aluminium clamshell bonnet in the all-paw F-Type models gain a deeper central power bulge. Either side are distinctive new vents, positioned further apart and further forward than those of rear-wheel drive F-Type’s. The AWD V6 Coupe also features unique 19-inch Volution alloy wheels in either silver or diamond-turned Technical Grey.

The AWD system features Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), a control system networked to the powertrain, rear differential and centre coupling and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system to provide optimum torque distribution.

Operating on the torque-on-demand principle, the AWD system sends 100 per cent of the engine’s torque to the rear wheels under normal driving conditions. This maintains the F-Type’s rear-wheel drive handling characteristics and also reduces parasitic losses in the drivetrain.

If the system detects a loss of grip at the rear wheels the electronically-controlled centre coupling transfers torque to the front axle, improving traction.

Another benefit of AWD is the ability to vary the front: rear torque split to mitigate oversteer during fast cornering by providing yaw damping.


The Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVbB) function first developed for the F-Type R Coupé is now available on all models. Integrated into the DSC system, selectively braking the inside wheels mitigates understeer, helping the driver to take the ideal line through the bend. TVbB also helps to stabilise the car and minimise steering input during manoeuvres such as emergency lane changes.

Those seeking the ultimate in style and performance will now find it in the new F-Type R Convertible, available in RWD and AWD form and replacing the RWD-only 364kW F-Type V8 S.

Developing 404kW and 680Nm, the all-alloy quad-cam supercharged V8 unit is matched exclusively to the Quickshift transmission and the choice or rear- or all-wheel drive. The extra traction of AWD enables the R Convertible to accelerate from 0-100kph in only 4.1 seconds – matching the R Coupé – before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 300kph.


Customers who wish to make their F-Type look even more exclusive have the option of a Sport Design Pack: the bespoke splitter, sills and venturi, subtly enhance the styling without affecting the purity of line which sets the F-Type apart in the sports car segment.

Applying composite technologies first developed in motorsport and aerospace, Jaguar has engineered a carbon-fibre roof option for the F-Type Coupé. At just 4.25kg, the carbon-fibre panel is even lighter than the aluminium pressing. The high-gloss lacquer finish leaves the distinctive ‘twill’ weave of the fibres clearly visible.

The new 2016 model year F-Type Coupé range will consist of: F-Type Coupé (250kW, RWD Quickshift / RWD manual), F-TYPE S Coupé (280kW, Quickshift RWD or AWD, RWD manual), F-Type R Coupé (404kW, Quickshift RWD or AWD).

The new 2016 model year F-Type Convertible range will consist of: F-Type (250kW, RWD Quickshift / RWD manual), F-Type S (280kW, Quickshift RWD), F-Type R (404kW, Quickshift RWD or AWD).

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