Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis concept hints at future design

Hyundai’s HCD-14 Genesis concept has been unveiled at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

As reported previously, the concept gives us a glimpse into the design of future Hyundai models. The concept seemed to have adopted Audi’s single shield grille which dominates the front facia, although Hyundai’s version sports four brushed metal bars within the grille. The low slung sedan also features rear-hinged doors for easier passenger access.

While these features may not make it to production, what we can expect is an Audi A7 or Mercedes-Benz CLS rival from the ambitious Korean brand, specifically under its Genesis and Equus moniker.

“Hyundai’s Genesis and Equus models are now recognized as serious contenders in the global luxury market. Our concept vehicle today will further raise Hyundai’s premium brand image,” said Tak Uk Im, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Hyundai Motor’s International Operations Division in Seoul. “Our focus going forward is to strive for brand innovation based on quality.”

“We instilled HCD-14 Genesis with a premium-sport 4-door coupe road presence,” said Christopher Chapman, chief designer, Hyundai Design North America. “Its sleek and lightweight silhouette does not punish the wind, but uses fluidic precision with dramatic surfacing that conveys natural restraint.”

Also unlikely to make it to production is the car’s driver oriented cockpit, which does away with a conventional centre console. In its place is an eye-tracking and 3-D hand-gesture recognition infotainment system.

The HCD-14 Genesis is powered by Hyundai’s existing 5.0-litre “Tau” direct injection V8 with dual continuously variable valve timing (D-CVVT). It uses optical recognition to identify the driver and initiate the starting sequence, while gear selection for the 8-speed automatic gearbox is performed via paddle shifters. 

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