BMW 3-Series GT unveiled ahead of Geneva Show debut

The BMW 5-Series GT is about to get a baby brother. The practical but not so good looking BMW 3-Series GT will soon join the 3-Series line-up. It is expected to make an official debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show next month.

The 3-Series GT is essentially a ‘hatchback’ version of the regular 3-Series, featuring a large automatic opening rear hatch and voluminous cargo area. Although specific details are still unwraps for now, it is understood the rear hatch features a removable parcel shelve, just like a conventional hatchback.

Like the 5-Series GT, the looks of the 3-Series GT isn’t to everyone’s taste. It is almost a cross between an SUV and a hatchback, with a slightly higher ground clearance than the sedan. Rear seat passengers also benefit from an extra 70mm of legroom compared to the sedan and wagon, thanks to a 110mm increase in wheelbase. An M Sports Package, as seen in images here, looks to be available for the GT, which makes it slighly easier on the eye.

Engine line-up is expected to reflect that of the 3-Series, including petrol engines in the 320i (135kW/270Nm), the 328i (180kW/350Nm) and the 335i (225kW/400Nm). Diesel engine will likely consist of the 320d (135kW/380Nm). International markets will receive both RWD and xDrive AWD systems as well.

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