Audi Celebrates Facebook Milestone with R8 Burnout

If you had 500,000 Facebook ‘Likes’, you would probably type a few words of thanks to express your gratitude to your friends; or if you were Lady Ga Ga, you might send each one of your fans a signed copy of you latest CD. But what if you are a car company?

You could do all of the above or you try something different and do ‘donuts’ to say ‘Thanks buddy for your support!’. That’s what Audi has done.

To celebrate half a million Facebook ‘Likes’ milestone, Audi has put together a video of an Audi R8 writing the digits on the ground in donuts and wheelspin.

The celebratory burnout was piloted by Le Mans race car driver, Dindo Capello.

Although the R8 is all-wheel-drive, it is rear-biased and under certain conditions, drive can be sent completely to the rear wheels, hence the donuts.

That’s what I call burnout with style. Congratulations Audi!

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