Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe oozes sex appeal

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia Coupe-Render

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the brand’s most anticipated models after the 4C. The BMW M3 challenger ticks lots of the boxes as a sedan – handsome, powerful and fast.

But nothing shouts sex appeal more than a two-door coupe. And thanks to the digital world and clever chaps like Alessandro Masera, the Giulia Coupe is now a “reality”… at least on our computer screens.

Pininfarina-Alfa-Romeo-2uettotanta concept

The realistic rendering blends the Giulia’s styling traits with hints of the 4C and the 2uettotanta concept (above, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2010) for a seriously sexy coupe.

What do you think, should Alfa Romeo build one?

Source: Alessandro Masera

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