How not to do a burnout: Shelby GT500 written-off [video]

Shelby gt500 crashes into RAM 1500 pickup truck

The burnout, a sight to behold when executed correctly. Unfortunately for the owner of this modified Shelby GT500 things didn’t go his way as he loses control of his muscle car, plowing it directly into a brand new Ram 1500 pickup truck.

According to the video description none of the airbags deployed in the mustang despite the significant forces experienced by the chassis. It’s unknown why the airbags didn’t deploy but it’s speculated that there may have been modifications to the electrical system that prevented the airbags from deploying. The owner sustained injuries in the crash and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

While it’s not uncommon to show off your high powered pride and joy at car events, doing so in a manor such as this can have fatal consequences for not only the driver/passenger but also bystanders. This video should be taken as an example of how things can go so wrong in a split second.


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