Vilner Customises Nissan GT-R Interior

Got a Nissan GT-R and all wrapped with the performance but want a bit more for the interior? Interior customisation specialist Vilner is here to help.

Shown here is a 2012 Nissan GT-R with a completely updated interior. The Vilner interior treatment includes small LED lights in the ceiling for a starry effect (who needs a moonroof?), leather and alcantara trim throughout, and red and black stitching for the seats, doors, ceiling and steering wheel.

Completing the luxurious and upmarket feel, the standard interior plastics on the steering wheel, centre console and door panels have been replaced with new ones which employ a black piano varnished look.

The plastic pieces of the interior now have a black piano varnished look, as well as the steering wheel, center console and some parts of the door panels that feature red bands.

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