Misha Design Spices Up Mercedes SL with Wide-Body Kit

For those unaware, Misha Design is a California based aerodynamic specialist and body kit manufacturer for BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Their latest offering is this outrageous yet elegant wide-body kit for the Mercedes SL convertible.

The kit features an all new front bumper with bigger air intakes and ducts to channel air into the engine bay and the front brakes. The front wheel fenders are wider with integrated openings behind the front wheels to draw air away from the inner wheel arches.  The hood has also been redesigned with carbon fibre slats and features aggressive vents to cool the massive V12 engine under the bonnet. At the side are lower and wider side skirts to match the extended fenders. The rear features a new boot lip spoiler for extra downforce and redesigned bumper with integrated carbon fibre diffuser to smooth out air flow at the rear.

The kit is compatible for all SL from 2003-2009 and also allows those models to be transformed into the facelifted 2010 Mercedes SL.

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