AMS Alpha 10 Nissan GT-R Now The Fastest At 9.19 Second

Two weeks ago Switzer set a new world record for the highest top speed for a Nissan GT-R in a quarter mile (400 metres) sprint, stopping the speed trap at 156.44 mph (251 kph) and a time of 9.38 seconds. We have a video here.

This record is now once again shattered by AMS Performance as they returned to the drag strip with the Alpha 10 GT-R. Their previous record was 9.33@153mph. In the latest attempt, they managed to clock a best run of 9.19@163mph! This means the AMS Alpha 10 GT-R is now not only the quickest 1/4 mile GT-R in terms of time, but they also took the record away from Switzer to become the fastest 1/4 mile GT-R in terms of speed.

The Alpha 10 finished tuning the day prior and was up another 80 wheel horsepower since its last run. The GT-R was now laying down 980 horsepower and 871 ft/lbs of torque (1180 Nm) to the wheels, or an estimated 1165 engine horsepower and 1035 ft/lbs of engine torque (1043 Nm).

Check out the video of the record-setting AMS Alpha 10 GT-R run.

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