2017 Toyota Supra getting Toyota/BMW hybrid engine

Toyota FT-1 concept MkII front quarter

More news have emerged about the impending arrival of Toyota’s born again Supra sports car.

Heavily inspired by the Toyota FT-1 supercar concept shown here, the new Supra will share its chassis and hybrid powertrains with the next-generation BMW Z4.

The two companies first announced their joint venture back in 2011, declaring shared battery tech and a new sportscar platform in the deal.

Toyota FT-1 concept MkII rear quarter

Both cars will not only sit on the jointly developed platform, but will be powered by a BMW petrol engine driving the rear wheel, married to Toyota hybrid electric motors powering both front and rear wheels. The Toyota Hybrid tech will be similar to that used in its Le Mans racecars.

Additionally, electric power from regenerative braking will be stored in a lithium ion battery, allowing Toyota and BMW to offer plug-in hybrid options on their sports cars.

Interestingly, unlike Toyota’s current breed of hybrid powertrain, which is mated to the company’s slow-witted CVT transmission, the new Supra/Z4’s hybrid will be connected to Toyota’s first-ever dual-clutch transmission.

Toyota FT-1 concept MkII side

While the both vehicles will take advantage of the shared technology, each model will get its own unique design, with the Supra expected to be bigger than the next Z4 in order for it to sit above the Toyota 86 in the company’s line-up.

Both cars are not expected to debut until 2017 at the earliest.

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