AMS Performance smashes World Record with 6-second Nissan GT-R [video]

AMS Performance has once again shattered the 1/4 mile record with this 6.93 second Nissan GT-R. Having previously set record for the first in the 9’s, first in the 8’s and first in the 7’s, the American tuner can now add yet another record to its list of quarter mile firsts.

The 2,500hp Nissan GT-R cracked the 400m world record at the TX2K17 Drag Racing event in Houston, Texas with a trap speed of 315km/h. To get to the power level required for the feat, the team at AMS Performance equipped the GT-R with the Alpha G upgrade package. The 3.8-litre V6 engine has been completely rebuilt and strapped with two massive turbochargers peaking through the front bumper. The dual-clutch gearbox has also been extensively reworked to cope with the huge power.

We look forward to see AMS Performance’s next move but in the meantime watch the videos below and get blown away.


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