Nissan GTR Aftermarket Performance Offerings

Since its launch 3 years ago, the Nissan GTR has been very well received. It is often regarded as the most value for money supercar delivering explosive performance at a fraction of the price of a Porsche 911 Turbo, its closest arch rival.

Previous model GTRs, then called the Skyline GTR, have long been the favourite cars for many big names Japanese performance tuners, thanks to the incredible tuning potential of the RB engine in the R32, R33 and R34. The new R35 GTR continues this legacy with many tuners now offering performance package or add-ons for those wanting even more out of their already fantastic machine.

Tommy Kaira

First revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Tommy Kaira is offering several performance package for the GTR. A full bodykit is now available which consists of a new front bumper with a lip spoiler and extra cooling ducts, side skirts, rear wheel arch flare, rear bumper with diffuser and a redesigned trunk spoiler. All panels are made from high quality carbon fibre. Finishing up the package is a new set of AVS Model F15 rims measuring 9.5×20 in the front, and 10.5×20 in the rear. Although we think the rear fender flare is a little unnecessary, the overall package gives the GTR a fantastic look to match its blistering performance.


Mine’s is needs no introduction when it comes to car tuning and modification. Having churned out the unrealistically super quick R34 that left the Best Motoring folks stunned in amazement, Mine’s is now at it again. The package consists of a new ECU, new suspension setup, redesigned rear spoiler, Mine’s rotors and brake pads and a new sports exhaust. Power increase is said to be 60hp from stock. All these gave the Mine’s GTR an incredible laptime of 0:59.367 at Tsukuba. However, the Mine’s N1 R34 GTR still holds the Tsukuba record time of 0:57,746.


Lastly, a company renown for its VIP tuning style, WALD has unleashed this wild bodykit for the GTR. Comprising a front bumber, side skirts, rear bumber, rear wheel arch flare and a rear spoiler, the all carbon fibre bodykit does not only improve the looks but also enhance the aerodynamics of the car.

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