Japanese-styled Custom Plates coming to Victoria


Japanese car enthusiasts can rejoice – Victoria’s roads authority VicRoads will soon let you slap on Japanese inspired plates on your JDM baby. Whether it’s for a souped-up Honda NSX, track-prepped Subaru WRX STI, or a fully restored 1969 Nissan 240Z, these new Japanese-themed custom plates are what you need to complete that full JDM look.

VicRoads’s move to offer Japanese-styled number plates follows the 2005 launch of the Euro-style plate, which has since become a big hit. The popularity of Euro plates subsequently prompted VicRoads to release US-styled plates a few years later.

Final details and designs of the Japanese plates are still being confirmed, but VicRoads has posted a poll on its Facebook page asking fans to choose from one of four possible designs.

Each of the designs is modeled after actual Japanese numbers plates used in Japan, featuring Japanese text alongside or above English letters and numerals.

So, for the Japanese car fans, tell VicRoads which design you prefer by writing your comments in the Custom Plates Facebook page.