Dutch automaker Donkervoort teases D8 GTO-RS


In what is described as “the return of the legend”, Dutch automaker Donkervoort, gives us a glimpse into their upcoming D8 GTO-RS sports car.

The GTO-RS has been completely redesigned from ground up with development spanning almost two years.

Not a lot has changed from the previous model, the new RS has become slightly larger and more extreme, along with an improved nose and front-end.


The D8 retains the Audi 2.5-litre R5 TFSI engine as seen in the previous model however, it has been optimised for improved acceleration and driveabilty. The new tune comes thanks to new partnership with Bosch. The collaboration also led to development of a new launch control feature to go along with the double clutch function on the D8 GTO-RS.


The interior has been revamped, trims are wrapped in high quality materials while the dash is suitably fit out with functional race-bred equipment.

Donkervoort will limit production to 40 units, with a starting price of $234,525.

The automaker reports that 21 vehicles have already been sold in a pre-sale period, it wont be long they are all gone.