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Audi Q5 Hybrid to Hit Showrooms in 2011

In a world of emission control and the race to build the most efficient engines, car manufacturers are increasing jumping onto the Hybrid bandwagon made popular by Toyota.

Today, you’ll find Hybrid cars in almost all categories of vehicles, from trucks to sports cars. No other class of cars is more suited to being fitted with a Hybrid engine than 4WDs. These are heavy vehicles that generally require lots of horsepower to motivate along.

The Audi Q5 and its cousin, the Porsche Cajun, have been designed from the start to accommodate Hybrid power plants.

The Volkswagen Group company intends to showcase the Q5 Hybrid at the L. A. Auto Show. The Hybrid can run on zero emission mode for just under 3km and will do a 0 – 100km/h sprint in a little over 7 seconds. Power comes from a 2.0 litre 155 kW petrol engine coupled to a 35kW electric motor.

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