Tofu, Touge, Toyota’s and Initial D pudding?


If you’re heading to Tokyo Japan and you want to experience some JDM car action but you’ve already been to Toyota Megaweb and the Nismo Omori factory, you may want to try something a little different. How about checking out the roads where drifting originated and inspired Initial D, Shibukawa Gunma?

If you can’t make the train ride over then we have good news for you, Alexi from NoriYaro recently uploaded a new video documenting the whole experience with some cool surprises discovered along the way.

Not far from the infamous Mt Akina (actually named Mt Haruna) stands Racing Cafe D’z Garage which is everything a car nut could want in a cafe but with a JDM twist. On site are replica cars from Initial D and The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift as well as a great selection of Initial D themed puddings amongst other specialties.

Also worth checking out is the Yokota Museum featuring toy’s dolls and cars. Toys and dolls might not get you excited but in the flesh 2000GT’s, KPGC10 GTR’s and Fairlady Z’s make this a museum worth visiting.