Starting a Ferrari Formula One engine for the first time


The 2016 Formula One season starts on the 22nd of February and many teams are undergoing pre-season testing. The Ferrari Scuderia team have released a small teaser video of their 2016 engine starting for the first time.

2016 brings similar restrictions to that imposed back in 2014; engines must not exceed a maximum displacement of 1.6-litre’s, there is also a 15,000 rpm limit and engines must be V6’s.

A change to the rules will require cars to be fitted with a separate wastegate to allow exhaust gases to pass through, it has been dubbed the “screamer pipe”. This change in regulation is in hopes it will increase noise following harsh criticism that 2015 V6 turbo engines were too quiet.

While it sounds great, it will never be the same as previous generation V8’s and bigger.

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