Lexus LS semi-autonomous driving demonstrated in new video

One of the highlights of the new Lexus LS that debuted earlier this year is its semi-autonomous driving technology. Not much is known or has been said about the feature except that it includes a world’s first system with Intuitive Pedestrian Detection and Active Steering within the lane in which the car can automatically brake and steer around a person while staying in the lane. Until now.

Japanese publication Nikkei has released a new video clip giving a first look at the semi-autonomous tech in the new Lexus LS. The demonstration, conducted in closed course, put some of the semi-autonomous driving tech to the test, including Pedestrian Collision Avoidance, Active Lane Change Assist and Front Cross Traffic Alert using Lexus’ new 24-inch colour Heads Up Display, which is claimed to be the world’s largest.

Lexus’ latest semi-autonomous driving feature is also capable of keeping the car centered in its lane and automatically steer around curves at low and high speeds. If the indicator is activated, it will also change lane by itself while automatically regulating steering, acceleration and braking.

Watch the Lexus LS’ semi-autonomous driving demonstration in the video below.



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