Fearless truck driver saves new car from blazing transporter [video]


While we have great appreciation for a brand new car, it just isn’t worth risking your life over. But this truck driver in China thinks otherwise.

With his transporter bursting into flames, the brave driver, instead of running away to safety, did the complete opposite. Braving the inferno, the truck driver went to the back of his truck and hopped into a Volkswagen sedan.

Risking his life, the driver reverses the new car down the ramp and away from the blaze calmly as another man looks on.

With the saved car parked safely away from the burning transporter, the driver climbs out and investigates the truck. His entire left arm seems to be covered in soot.

With one car saved, the remaining vehicles are engulfed in flames and no attempt is seen to save them or extinguish the fire. Check out the dramatic incident in the video below.

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