Bugatti Chiron comes to life in 4k Video – Build Process Captured

The first three customer Chirons have left Bugatti’s Molsheim factory but not before their build process was captured in gorgeous 4k footage.

The 8.0-litre quad turbocharged W16 powered Chiron starts construction after the carefully inspected powerplant is fused to the monocoque followed by all the supporting mechanical components that make the car drivable. Once this stage has been reached Bugatti strap down the Chiron to a dyno to make sure that each and every 1,103 kilowatts is accounted for.

Completing the external appearance of the Chiron requires all external body parts and aero installed and tested at which point the car is subjected to a simulated torrential downpour of rain with the purpose of weatherproof testing.

All that remains before completion is the installation of the interior trim, all performed by skilled hands which then go on to buff the paintwork and inspect the entire car for complete confidence in quality.

Since the official unveiling in 2016 at the Geneva motor show, the limited run of 500 Chirons has already half sold out. Of these sales Europe accounts for 37%, North America a further 30% and the Middle East 26% leaving a meager 7% for the remainder of the world.

Should you currently be the owner of a bank account with a seven figure balance available you’ll want to move fast and place an order prior to all 500 Chirons being sold.

Read the full specification of the $3.4M Bugatti Chiron

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