Wheelsandmore Ferrari 488 Spider is more powerful than a Ferrari F12

Wheelsandmore has waved their magic wand over the Ferrari 488 Spider (GTS) to take the car’s performance to even higher levels.

The German tuner’s Stage 3 performance upgrade brings a boost of over 74kW to the already mighty 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 to produce an impressive 571kW and 895Nm of torque, up from 493kW and 760Nm of torque. This makes the Wheelsandmore 488 Spider more powerful than even the Ferrari F12.

As for its styling, the tuner has left the 488’s sensual lines pretty much untouched, with the exception of replacing the stock wheels with 21-inch matte black F.I.W.E. wheels on one side, while the other side rolls on classic 6Sporz2 wheels.

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