This Toyota GR Yaris is more powerful than an A35 AMG

The Toyota GR Yaris epitomises pocket rocket like no other in recent memory, pushing out a mighty 200kW/370Nm from its diminutive turbocharged three-cylinder engine that puts some bigger hot hatches to shame.

But like most stock engines, there are plenty of horses still lurking under its bonnet to be unleashed and that’s exactly what Germany’s DTE ChipTuning has done.

Accessed via a relatively simple ECU tune, DTE optimises the engine mapping to increase performance, boosting power by 35kW and 45Nm, taking it to a potent 235kW and 415Nm, or 10kW/15Nm more than the Mercedes-AMG A35!

But unlike some engine tunes that bump the power up blindly, DTE says its tune works in real time to ensure everything runs as well as possible. It even allows the user to choose between Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency programmes, the latter improving fuel consumption by a claimed 15%.

DTE also produces what it calls a “PedalBox” tune, which can be turned on and off with a console mounted button that improves throttle response and makes acceleration feel better.

No words yet on when this will arrive in Australia but we can’t wait!

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