Singer DLS unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Expert Porsche modifier Singer has unveiled its latest retooled 911, the DLS – which stands for Dynamics and Lightweight Study – at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it sure is worth lusting after.

As the name implies, improved driving dynamics in a featherweight car was the aim of the build – which has been completed in partnership with Williams Grand Prix Engineering – and while it may still look like a normal 964-generation Porsche 911 from a distance, every single panel of the car has been redesigned to increase downforce and to create a more slippery profile than that of the donor car.

The subtle details are what really makes the difference with the DLS, such as the reshaped roof and ducktail spoiler which improve rear downforce significantly, or the ram air intakes located where the rear windows would normally be to improve engine cooling.

The new bodywork is all composed of carbon fibre to reduce weight and to stiffen the car overall, while the rework has allowed for the engine to be sat further forward.

Speaking of the engine, it’s an air-cooled 4.0-litre flat-six developed by Williams Advanced Engineering with input from Hans Mezger that makes 373kW at a stonking 9,000rpm thanks to a unique oiling system, pistons, titanium connecting rods, and lightweight throttle bodies.

The car’s revised suspension system – also developed with Williams Advanced Engineering – utilises a multi-link double wishbone setup at the front and an aluminium trailing-arm setup in the rear, with remotely adjustable dampers all round.

There are plenty of other unique components to finish it all off, such as the centre-locking magnesium wheels crafted by BBS Motorsport that are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres – 245/35 front, 295/30 rear – while a set of Brembo carbon ceramic brakes are housed behind them to provide the necessary stopping power.

Even on the inside of the DLS, there are bespoke carbon fibre seats from Recaro and a similarly unique Momo steering wheel, while the whole dashboard is now crafted from yet more carbon.

With two special occasions to celebrate – the 25th anniversary Goodwood Festival of Speed and Porsche’s 70th birthday – Singer have definitely stepped up to the plate and delivered a fittingly special car in the DLS.

The ultimate air-cooled 911? This could quite possibly be it.

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