Rocket Bunny gives A90 Toyota Supra the widebody look it deserves

Rocket Bunny is at it again! Known for their wildly exaggerated widebody kits, the Japanese tuner has now laid hands on the A90 Toyota Supra and the result is eye-catching.

Known as the Rocket Bunny V1.5 Supra kit, it brings the tuner’s famed flared wheel arches to the Supra both front and back, along with matching extended side skirts with LED lights.

The Supra’s front bumper has also been revised to fit in with the wider front guards and gain a front splitter.

Around the back, the rear fascia has been rejigged with a new lip spoiler and towering rear wing for a proper boy racer look.

The makeover is completed with a set of white wheels to go with the vibrant shade of green.

While it might look fantastic, it comes with a price though, as the V1.5 kit costs US$8,700 States side, or A$12,572 based on today’s exchange rates, and that’s before painting and the set white wheels are thrown in.

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