Not a fan of the enlarged BMW M3/M4 grille? Prior Design can help

There’s no doubt the enlarged BMW kidney grille on the M3 and M4, along with the 4 Series, is one of the most controversial designs we have seen from the German carmaker in recent years. It’s a like it or hate it affair, but for those who aren’t a fan and yet want to own an M3 or M4, there’s now help.

Prior Design is well known for outrageous bodykits, but their latest project is anything but. Called the BMW M3/M4 de-escalation kit, it’s not exactly a bodykit but a new front bar for the M3/M4. And the enlarged BMW kidney grille? That’s now gone!

Designed to be a direct replacement for the standard front bar, the Prior Design kit brings back the more conventional, reduced-size BMW kidney grille to the performance duo. To many BMW fans, the revised M3/M4 look will be much easier on the eyes, and a much welcomed offering.

While the tuner is still currently gauging public interest before putting the design into production, they are pretty confident that the M3/M4 de-escalation kit will be very well received. 

Modelled after the grille on the M8, the new blacked out grill is matched with a redesigned lower front bumper. The tuner has a few bumper designs on evaluation and will put the most popular design into production. 

So, if you have previously loathed the M3/M4 just for their enlarged grille, this will surely change that.

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