Mercedes-AMG GT and C 63 get power boosts from Posaidon


German tuner Posaidon is introducing a power upgrade package for the latest AMG duos – the Mercedes-AMG GT and Mercedes C 63 AMG.

Both the AMG GT and C 63 AMG are powered by the same twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine, albeit with the AMG GT getting dry-sump lubrication. From the factory, the V8 makes 340 kW and 600 Nm in the AMG GT. Flashed with Posaidon’s new tune, the engine output can be bumped to 463 kW and 725 Nm, allowing the AMG GT to reach a new top speed of 337 km/h.


The V8 in the Mercedes C 63 AMG produces 350 kW and 650 Nm in standard form, which can be lifted to 449 kW and 800 Nm with the performance kit. Posaidon will also remove the 250 km/h speed limiter in the C 63 AMG, enabling the super saloon to hit a top speed of 328 km.h.

The tuner says additional upgrades are in the works. These include modified turbochargers, free-flow exhaust systems and other tweaks which will lift power output even further.

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