Mercedes-AMG G63 gets yacht-themed interior from Carlex

Automotive interior specialist Carlex has transformed the cabin of the Mercedes-AMG G63 into mimicking that of a luxury yacht.

The marine-themed AMG G63 is creatively called the G-Yachting Limited Edition, which the Poland-based company says it created for “enthusiasts of luxury and marine style.”

The exterior is available in a striking two-tone matte silver and black paintwork, complemented with massive 22-inch wheels. But it’s in the inside where things get really interesting. The once dark grey interior has been completely done up and now radiates a refreshing white and brown colour scheme with silver highlights. The bright wood trim has been used throughout, including on the dashboard and door cards. Elsewhere, rich brown leather upholsters the seats, while headliner of the same tone lines the entire ceiling, with a G-Yachting emblem embossed right in the center.

If brown is a little overwhelming for you, Carlex will be happy to replace the brown trim with white, brightening up the interior even more.

Further aback on both models, wood textured surfaces have been applied to the seat back of the second row as well as on the boot floor, befitting its luxury yacht theme.

Carlex has not revealed pricing details for the interior upgrade package but we are guessing it won’t be a small figure to add on top of the standard AMG G63’s exuberant $247,700 sticker price. For that money you’ll get a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that makes 430 kW and 850 Nm of torque.

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