Mazda to present customised Mazda3 & Mazda6 concepts at the SEMA show

White Mazda3 concept for 2013 SEMA

The SEMA Motor Show is traditionally where car makers bring their tuned up and/or kitted up cars and this year is no exception.

Mazda will be showing four concepts this year, with a pair of Mazda3s and two Mazda6s. The firm hasn’t released any details safe for a few pictures of the quartet.

Red Mazda3 concept for 2013 SEMA

From it, we can see that the Mazda3s will feature a customised body kit with custom graphics. There’s a front splitter and revised side skirts and both roll on black alloy wheels, behind which hide high-performance brakes.

Grey Mazda6 concept for 2013 SEMA

The Mazda6s on the other hand are a little more restrained. Besides some body graphics and a set of aftermarket wheels, the white Mazda6 looks completely stock. The grey car on the other hand sees a little more effort put into it, with a front splitter and lowered side skirt complemented by black alloy wheels.

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