JUN Auto Evo X and WRX STi

One might ask why aren’t car makers putting in a hundred and ten percent when engineering and building performance cars to make sure that when the cars roll out of the factory they are about as good as they can get, as fast as they can possibly go and as pretty as they can possibly be.

Well… the answer is in fact, the car makers have. They have put in maximum effort to ensure that their cars are all good for you to take it to a track on the weekends, all good for you to cruise to that trendy cafe in downtown and all good for your partner to drive it to the shops. But pleasing you the owner is one thing. Car makers also need to ensure that their cars meet the ever increasingly stringent emission and noise regulations. This is sad when a car that was originally designed to churn out a million horsepower has to be tuned down significantly before making its way to the showroom in order to meet those stupid emission and noise regulations. You end up with a very capable car that isn’t quite, hmm… capable.

Fortunately, car ownership doesn’t just end when you get the keys to your new car from the dealership. In fact that is when everything starts. From here you can choose to enrol in whole new experience of car ownership – customization. This includes engine tuning, performance modification and cosmetic enhancement, just to name a few.

One of the top tuning companies in Japan, JUN Auto have long been actively involved in the tuning scene, building record setting machines for various motor sports events such as grip racing, time attack, drag racing, or drifting.

JUN Mitsubishi Evolution X

When the guys at JUN got their hands on the Mitsubishi Evo X, widely regarded as one of the best Evolution ever, we waited in much anticipation to know what JUN could do to this amazing car. As you would come to expect from any JUN tuned cars, the no compromise approach is always followed. In the modification list, notable performance bits include Trust intake, Trust full exhaust system, increased turbo boost pressure, F-con V Pro engine management system, Endless racing brakes and suspension, Bride racing seats, Sard GT wing and Advan RS wheels.

Countless laps have been spent at the Tsukuba Circuit to fine tune the Evo X and during the tuning phase JUN have spent also received inputs from racing driver and former drifter Nobuteru Taniguchi.

With all the go fast bits put in, tuned and Taniguchi behind the wheel the JUN Evo X managed to clock a best lap of 1:01.638, a full 5 seconds quicker than the stock Evo X! Turning the Evo X back into what it was originally designed to perform.

JUN Subaru Impreza WRX STi

JUN’s tuning expertise doesn’t just stop at the Evo. This GRB-chassis Subaru Impreza WRX STi has recently received the JUN treatment. Though only lightly tuned, it still packs some mouth watering goodies such as JUN air intake, JUN camshafts, GReddy full exhaust system and GReddy PRofec B-Spec II electronic boost controller. The boost pressure is raised slightly and the whole package is tuned with a JUN Sports ECU. The result is a 50 horsepower increase over the stock 300 hp.

In the driving dynamics corner upgrades include damper and height adjustable ZEAL coilovers with Cusco tower bars. Putting the power down to the road is a set of sticky 255mm Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tires.

Source: Jun Evo X & WRX STi

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