Giannini 350 GP4 is a Fiat 500 supercar on steroids

Meet the Giannini 350 GP4, a steroid feasting Fiat 500 that’s ditched its cutesy looks and spent the winter pumping iron at the gym.

Prepared by Giannini in collaboration with GRAM (Gram Torino Engineering), the 350 GP4 is an evolution of the Alfa Romeo 4C-powered 350 GP (white car below) which made its debut a few months ago at the Turin Motor Show.

While the 350 GP featured a rear-engine (yes, it lives where the rear seats used to be), rear-wheel drive layout, the 350 GP4 gets a more conventional front-engine layout, but gains a grippy all-wheel drive system.

Giannini hasn’t released details of the car’s powerplant except that it produces the same 257kW as its RWD counterpart.

On the styling front, the car features a menacing wide body kit made of carbon fibre with numerous vents, along with a massive rear diffuser with red vertical fins to match the twin exhaust tips. The car’s windows have also been replaced with Plexiglas to reduce weight.

According to Giannini, the 350 GP4 is currently undergoing testing and more details, including its pricing, will be released at the end of the testing phase. For reference, the rear-wheel drive 350 GP costs an eye watering €150,000 ($A228,014).

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