Ford Mustang gets Liberty Walk extra low and wide treatment

Liberty Walk is at it again! Known for its outrageous wide-body kits, the Japanese tuner’s latest build is a current-generation Ford Mustang and true to form, it is one of the most extreme makeovers the Mustang has received.

The first thing you’ll notice is Liberty Walk’s famous bolt-on fenders, restyled front and rear bumpers, a modified grille sans pony, a new rear diffuser, side skirts, new multi-spoke alloys and a prominent ducktail spoiler.

The ‘Works’ package above will set owners back ¥680,400 ($A7,680), while a toned-down ‘Performance’ package – which is limited to a front and rear diffuser, side skirts and ducktail spoiler – can be had for ¥496,800 ($A5,607).

To get the complete look of the car shown here though, Mustang owners will need to fork out an additional ¥790,000 ($A8,917) for the Airrex air suspension kit which drops the car as close to the ground as possible.

Each item can also be purchased individually with prices starting from ¥124,200 ($A1,402).

Liberty Walk has left the powertrain untouched, but says it will be able to bolt the kit on to any EcoBoost or V8 GT Mustangs with no change in price based on engine. It isn’t clear if that includes the Shelby GT350, though.

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