FAB Design MP4 Chimera

Swiss tuning house, FAB Design, has confirmed it will be showcasing the McLaren MP4-12C based MP4 Chimera at the Geneva Motor Show.

The base car’s staid exterior has been revamped with a restyled carbon fibre front bumper with enlarged air-intakes. There is a bonnet mounted wind splitter near the base of the windscreen. Carbon fibre is also used for the bespoke side skirts and air intake at the top of the roof.

At the back, the MP4-12C’s large single exhaust has been split into a new triple-flow exhaust pipe system, increasing output by 11kW (15HP). The differently styled bumper also scores a new carbon fibre diffuser.

FAB Design asks €16,900, plus shipping costs, for the entire styling kit. Customers can also choose a set of three-part FAB Evoline wheels that measures 20 or 21 inches shod in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres as an extra.

Although we do not have the photos yet, the MP4 Chimera’s interior receives several orange carbon components, decorative orange stitching, as well as customised upholstery. They can also throw in personalised floor mats upon request.

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