Anderson Releases Stealthy Ferrari F430

If you are one of those who thinks the garden variety 430 Scuderia is too soft, behold Germany’s Dusseldorf-based Anderson tuned version.

With special matte grey paintwork, gloss black stripes that run the length of the car and carbon fibre door mirrors and rear diffuser, you might not notice the car creeping up behind you on your rear view mirror until it’s too late! Black rims with larger tires (235/30 R 20s at the front and 325/25 R 20s at the rear), tinted windows and smoked taillights / indicators complete the makeover.

The engine now puts out 423kW of power, thanks to an ECU upgrade, sports air filter, as well as lighter engine components made of carbon fibre.

Added sound effects are also on the cards, courtesy of stainless steel exhaust with three-way adjustable exhaust note.

Step into the cockpit and you are greeted with a pair of sumptuous leather and alcantara wrapped bucket seats. The dashboard and steering wheel have also been covered with alcantara and more carbon fibre. If you are tired of the engine sound track, you can switch to your favourite Pavarotti track on the high end sound systems, complete with an amp and subwoofer!

No words yet on pricing and availability from the folks at Anderson.

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