820kW Nissan GT-R to challenge 911 GT2 RS Nürburgring record

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS is currently the official Nürburgring production car lap record holder but British tuner, Litchfield thinks they can change that.

Dubbed the LM1 RS GT-R, the Nissan GT-R-based challenger has been designed as the ultimate track-focused GT-R, capable of lapping the circuit in less than 6 minutes and 47.3 seconds – according to Litchfield.

To do that, the tuner has installed a pair of BorgWarner turbochargers from an IndyCar racer, bespoke cams and heads, a customized intercooler and Inconel manifolds to boost power from the hand-built 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 from 419kW/632Nm to a mighty 820Nm/1,085Nm.

To improve handling, the LM1 RS GT-R’s has also been fitted with a set of Öhlins suspension and all-new lightweight carbon fibre body panels, along with a flat floor and aero components from the NISMO GT-R GT3 racer to produce additional downforce.

The NISMO GT-R is currently the fastest road-legal Nissan GT-R to lap the Nürburgring, taking 7 minutes and 8 seconds.


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