Ride sideways in this 300kW 4-door 4-seater Drift Taxi

Normally in Japan if you’re grabbing a lift in a taxi you’ll be chauffeured around in style in the back of a Toyota Crown Comfort complete with self opening doors. Not the most powerful or exciting of cars which is why the guys from Team Orange offer a more exciting taxi service with their two car fleet of Drift Taxi’s.

The fleet is made up of a Toyota JZX110 Mark II as well as a Toyota JZX100 Chaser with both cars sporting drift orientated modifications. The coolest of which is the twin Bride bucket seats located in the back for a total of 3 passengers per session. Based at Ebisu circuit in Fukushima prefecture, the drift taxi service is piloted by Team Orange’s own talented drivers Nobushige Kumakubo and Naoto Suenaga, both active Japanese D1 drivers.

Pricing is simple with a base fee of 25000 yen + 500 yen per passenger for insurance, with a total of 3 passengers that works out to just under 9,000 yen for an hour of sideways action. Alexi Smith from noriyaro.com jumped on board to show first hand what’s involved with his latest video.

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