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Lamborghini Urus gets bold body kit from Vorsteiner

The Lamborghini Urus isn’t what you’d call demure, but Vorsteiner obviously thinks otherwise as they have introduced a body kit that dials up the Lambo SUV’s aggression an extra notch. At the front, the kit brings a more prominent lower splitter and a carbon fibre bonnet with a prominent extractor …

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Vorsteiner tunes BMW M5

Vorsteiner has released their tuning package for the F10 BMW M5 sedan. Made mostly of carbon fibre, the aerodynamic body kit features a new aero front spoiler and rear diffuser, both made using the tuner’s pre-preg (pre-impregnated) autoclave technology. This technology, according to Vorsteiner, promises greater stiffness, aerospace strength and …

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Vorsteiner customised Rolls Royce Ghost

Rap artists aside, we question the relevance of Vorsteiner latest styling programme for the Rolls Royce Ghost. Let’s face it, Lord Percy of Montrose wouldn’t be seen dead in a pimped up Mercedes-Benz S-Class, let alone a Rolls Royce. However, as styling kits go, this one is relatively restrained, and …

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