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Retro hour: 1936 video brilliantly explains how transmissions work

In yet another retro edition of ForceGT, we present “Spinning Levers” – a training video from the 1930’s which brilliantly explains transmission fundamentals. The educational video was produced by Jam Handy on behalf of Chevrolet. It begins with a simplistic understanding of how a lever works and progressively increases the …

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Amazing video shows how Forged Pistons are made [video]

The piston is one of the most important components of internal combustion engines (rotary’s excluded). It’s a solid disk that cycles back and forth throughout the hollow cylinder of the engine block. The piston connects to the crankshaft via a connecting rod and as fuel is ignited hot gasses formed …

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Hyundai Genesis show-offs AWD System with a Light Show

Hyundai has released a video demonstrating their HTRAC AWD system on the Genesis. The HTRAC is Hyundai’s clever system that provides drastically improved handling in all weather conditions both increasing safety and guaranteeing driver enjoyment. The aim of the video is to demonstrate how HTRAC adjusts power distribution to the wheels …

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