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Toyota Supra GRMN to share 353kW / 550Nm BMW M4 engine

The Toyota GR Supra received a power upgrade late last year, with its BMW-sourced 3.0-litre turbo in-line six engine retuned to produce a maximum power of 285kW between 5800rpm and 6500rpm. Peak torque remains the same at 500Nm but is delivered over a broader rev range between 1800rpm and 5000rpm. …

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Toyota Supra GRMN coming this year with 294kW

Just a year into its launch, the Toyota GR Supra already has a huge aftermarket support. From power boosting tuning package and exhaust system to widebody kits and chassis enhancement upgrades, the Supra has virtually unlimited tuning potential. But one hot Supra to look out for is the Supra GRMN …

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