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BMW M boss says manual ‘box headed for extinction

It seems like car enthusiasts have another reason to hang on to their DIY shifters. BMW’s new M boss, Frank van Meel told Autocar recently that manual gearboxes could become a thing of the past. At least for BMW’s M cars. According to van Meel, sales of manual M cars …

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BMW M considering turbocharged 1.5L 3-cylinder

BMW’s M Division boss, Friedrich Nitschke, has recently revealed that there is huge potential in equipping high-performance versions of the company’s new three-cylinder engines in its future product line up. Friedrich was talking about the 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine slatted for the BMW 1 Series and third-generation Mini Cooper. During an …

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BMW M4 Coupé realistically imagined

Latest Update: All-New 2014 BMW 4-Series officially revealed With the M3/M4 inching closer to production reality, the flourish of ideas have emerged as to how the final model may look, what with the preview of the M3’s facia a few days ago. Based on said preview, the creative minds over at …

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