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2019 Jaguar I-Pace EV400 SE Review

To most people, the Jaguar brand is one that is most commonly associated with somewhat old-world quintessential Britishness. Think petrol-guzzling engines and lots of leather and wood grain all wrapped up in a classic three-box sedan package. But the Jaguar of today couldn’t be further from where it was in …

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Jaguar I-Pace SVR would prioritise handling over sprint time

With EVs gaining momentum, Jaguar Land Rover has high hopes for its all-electric I-Pace, indicating a high-performance I-Pace SVR is a possibility. However, don’t expect electrifying performance as they would not be engineered for their 0-100km/h performance alone. “We have asked ourselves how you would ‘SVR’ an electric car,” JLR …

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