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Hydrogen breakthrough could fastrack commercialisation of FCEVs

A new breakthrough in the way hydrogen is transported around the world could accelerate the commercialisation of fuel cell vehicles. One of the biggest challenges facing fuel cell vehicle manufacturers and filling station operators is the transportation and storage of hydrogen – the gas that powers a fuel cell vehicle. …

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Hyundai unveils NEXO fuel cell vehicle with 800km range

Hyundai today announced that NEXO will be the name of its all-new, dedicated Fuel Cell EV during a press conference at CES 2018, and disclosed Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that expand its autonomous driving potential. The NEXO model will spearhead Hyundai’s plans to accelerate development of low emission vehicles …

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Toyota unveils production fuel-cell sedan

Toyota has today revealed the exterior design and Japanese pricing of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. First unveiled as a concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the car will launch in Japan before April next year, and preparations are underway for launches in the US and Europe during their summer …

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