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Car Talk: Are Driverless Cars Ready for Mass Adoption?

Driverless cars are on the cusp of widespread production. The technology exists, test trials are routinely run, and the success rates are higher than ever. Only a few factors (which, admittedly, are fairly large) are preventing fully scalable prototypes from entering the consumer market. Let’s explore some of them. High …

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Uber acquires self-driving truck company Otto

Ride sharing service Uber is stepping up its autonomous driving program with the announcement that it has acquired self-driving truck company Otto this week. The deal is said to worth around $680 million USD or 1 percent of Uber. The move reflects Uber’s eagerness in fast-tracking the development of self-driving technology, …

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Mirrorless cars coming. Japan approves external side cameras

The conventional wing mirror has long been the bane of car designers and engineers due to its weight and aerodynamic drag. But thanks to the Japanese government’s recent approval of the use of external camera in place of normal mirrors, futuristic mirrorless cars are about to move from glitzy motor …

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