Wow! Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm coupe

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is the most extreme road car the Italian marque has ever built in recent history. A lightweight road-legal track machine, the Giulia GTAm features extreme aerodynamics including a large front splitter and carbon rear wing. The interior is characterised by two racing seats, roll bar and 6-point safety belts.

Despite having four-doors, the GTAm does away with the rear seats to save weight. So does it not make more sense to delete the rear doors as well? That’s exactly what Car Lifestyle has done, turning the Giulia GTAm into an eye-watering coupe, even though it’s only a rendering.

The folks have even added some delicious side air breathers and lowered the roof line, giving the Giulia GTAm coupe a properly aggressive stance.

Don’t put your hopes on an Alfa Romeo coupe though, as the car maker has recently cancelled its plan to build the 8C and GTV. The 4C is also on its way out due to slow sales. But there’s no stopping us from drooling over this super hot Giulia GTAm coupe, never mind if it’s just a rendering.

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