Will the next-generation Honda HR-V look this good?

The current-generation Honda HR-V has been around since 2014, which means a new model is due. With not a prototype in sight, or a teaser released, the next-gen HR-V seems a while away. But that did not stop creatives minds from envisioning what the new HR-V might look like.

Here’s a really good one from Kleber Silva of Behance.net. The rendering is the most realistic we have seen of the new HR-V. And Honda might want to actually adopt this design because if the next-gen HR-V looks this good, it will surely resonate well with buyers.

The black roof gives the compact SUV a striking two-tone colour scheme, while the bold front fascia is modern and upmarket yet unmistakably Honda.

The wheel design has a spinning motif to it, giving the crossover a dynamic look even while stationary.

Technical details of the next HR-V are scarce, but we can expect the new model will boast some sort of electrified powertrain, in line with the company’s move towards gradual electrification of its entire model line-up.

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