Watch BMW camouflages their 5 Series GT prototype [video]

BMW 5 Series GT prototype getting camouflage

Ever wondered how the heavy cladding that car manufacturers employ to hide their early prototypes from prying lenses came to be?

Well BMW has let us in on their little secret with this video showing how it’s done. And it is more involving than you think.

First, each individual cladding is designed by engineers on a 3D CAD programme with as much care and detail as they do the original car panels themselves. This is so they fit perfectly on the car’s body.

Then the parts, which appear to be made from a soft and light plastic, are screwed on the respective body panel of the prototype directly. In case you are wondering, yes, the holes will be visible when the camouflage is removed but its not going to be an issue as the test mules are destroyed after testing.

Once the exterior is taken cared of, the interior is covered in a protective housing to hide most details except for basic dials and buttons.

Check out the video below to see how the camouflage is applied.

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