Volkswagen Golf R ‘Plus’ coming soon?

The Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R could be getting an even more powerful ‘Plus’ flagship churning out 245kW of power.

Unearthed by YouTuber volkswizard who recently test drove a Mk8 Golf GTI and flipped through its owner’s manual (edition 07.2020), he noticed towards the end of the manual the entire engine variants for the Mk8 were listed, including the 245kW and 420Nm carrying the “DNFF” codename.

A flagship Golf R has been rumoured for quite sometime now. Volkswagen had even produced the R400 concept which made its debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. A production version was meant to arrive in the latter half of the Mk7’s life cycle in the form of R420 featuring Audi’s inline five-cylinder engine.

Sadly, it never happened as Audi refused to share its 2.5 TFSI engine.

So, will R ‘Plus’ finally going to become a reality? We have our fingers (and toes) crossed!

Source: volkswizard via Motor1

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