Video: Second Lexus LFA ‘AD-B’ Prototype Spotted in Germany

In a spate of just two weeks, two different Lexus LFA test prototypes were spotted in and around the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany. In the first video we posted last week, the Lexus LFA codenamed ‘AD-A‘ was caught testing at the Nürburgring circuit. The baby blue LFA is reported to have a different exhaust note compared to the standard production LFA. In this second video, a lime green LFA ‘AD-B’ was spotted cruising around the countryside near the Nürburgring. The LFA is almost reaching its limited production run of only 500 worldwide. So, why has Lexus gone back to the Nürburgring with two LFA test vehicles that don’t look any different than the production model?

Here’s a quote from The Truth About Cars:

…it’s time for the absolutely last resort in news-gathering: Pick up the phone, call Toyota. When I call them, they have never heard of the baby blue LFA. I send them a few links, now they have.

They promise to ask around, and an hour later, Toyota spokesman Joichi Tachikawa says that “this test was part of the many research activities” Lexus conducts, never mind the fact that the LFA production is going into its home stretch and won’t extend beyond 2012, there still remains work to be done.

As expected, Toyota remained tight lip about their activities in Germany, but I’d say interesting times ahead.