Video: 2007 Opel Insignia GTC concept rediscovered

It’s hard to believe that the concept car that inspired or previewed the Opel Insignia was the 2007 Opel GTC Concept shown above. It is however, not to be confused with the Astra GTC, as the two share only their middle initials.

Of course, back then Opel was not even represented in Australia. Nevertheless, it go people really excited that it could be the next Calibra, briefly sold here under the Holden badge.

It seems that all those amazing Opel concepts from over the years lives in an underground carpark. They have recently been rediscovered by Frank Leopold, head of Opel Advance Development.

Check out the video below. The noise you hear from the video happens to come from a 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 that generates 300hp and 400Nm.

And if you speak German, please let us know what he’s on about.

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